I’ve spoken in the past about how hard it is to introduce change. Whether it’s good for you or not (and especially if it’s good for you), no one likes change. But once you’ve introduced something new, how do you keep going?

For example, if your goal is fat-loss, it can be really difficult giving up delicious things like pizzas and beer. But when you start to see an improvement in the way you look; people start commenting on how great you’re looking; and you have to buy a new, sexy-bitch wardrobe, it’s pretty good motivation to keep going. Now fast forward 6 months. You’ve achieved your goal but now you’re falling back into your old ways and the weight is creeping back on. You know what you need to do, but you just don’t feel like doing it. What’s happened???

You’ve lost your mojo!

In Leo Babauta’s book The Power of Less, he has 20 tips on rediscovering your motivation. I’m not going to repeat all of them, but there are 3 in particular I like.

1. Hold yourself back. When we start something new we’re full of excitement and think we can do anything. After a while our enthusiasm begins to wane. So begin by doing less than you think you can. You’ll get it done easily and be raring to go the next time. By reining in all that energy, you can harness it, and achieve anything! You’ll be like Iron Man crossed with The Tortoise (from The Tortoise and the Hare fame), and I’d like to imagine you looking something like this:

Some examples,

  • Don’t change everything about your diet all at once, make just one change and when you succeed at that, change something else.
  • If you start running, instead of beginning with 30 minutes, make it 5 and build from there.

2. Just Start. Sometimes thinking about how tired you are, and how hard it’s going to be, is what makes it seem so hard. Once you start, it’s never as hard as you thought it would be. If you’re going for a run, just make a deal with yourself to get changed and step out the door. Once you get that far the rest will take care of itself.

3. Get excited again! What were you so excited about in the first place? Can you refocus and build up that energy again? Find yourself a new challenge. If your initial goal was fat-loss, now might be the time for a physical challenge. For me that challenge is Tough Mudder in October. What’s yours?

If you’ve got any tips for keeping yourself motivated then leave a comment below.