My sister Eleanor got married last month and she was kind enough to ask me to give a speech. Perhaps she would have reconsidered¬†if she’d known I was going to compare a good marriage to an early morning workout!

Getting Out of Bed

There are some days you don’t want to get out of bed. That’s when you need someone to give you a loving shove. It’s your responsibility to get your partner out of their comfort zone and challenge them to be their best. They may not always thank you at the time, but they will later on.

The Warmup

Once everyone gets to boot camp we always begin with a warmup – walking, jogging, skipping,… and back-pedalling. Back-pedalling is something that every husband gets very good at.

The Workout

Next we move onto the workout, which is when we do all the heavy lifting. Lifting is also part of a successful marriage. You have to lift your partner’s spirits whenever they feel down. No matter how tough life gets, they can always rely on you to make them feel better and to love them unconditionally.

There’s also going to be a lot of running around. Get used to it.

The Cool Down

On my wedding day I was told to “never let the sun set on your anger”, which is a fancy way of saying “never go to sleep angry at each other”. Stay cool.


“Here’s to a lifetime of lifting, running and back-pedalling!”